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Did you know that mains supply pipe is your responsibility?

Many people believe that it is the job of their water company to fix a faulty mains pipe, but sadly this is unlikely to be the case for the majority of UK properties.

Your external stop valve controls the supply of water to your home from the street and is different to the internal stopcock usually found beneath your kitchen sink.

You are responsible for any leak or issue that occurs between the external valve and your property, whether beneath your garden or the building itself.

Maintenance and renewals of all types of Fire Hydrants and Wash Outs including re-washer, renew outlet, repack & ease spindle, renew false cap and comprehensive replacements with mains pipe work

Maintenance and renewals of all type of Sluice Valves including, chamber frame & cover rebuilds, repacking glands, easing spindles, repairs to bolts and flange plates, and comprehensive replacements of valves with mains pipe work. Sluice Valves are often located on industrial Estates to isolate larger diameter supplies.

Maintenance and repairs of all water mains and larger diameter supplies including mains cut piece and mains clamp for all types of pipe work

Installation of new water mains & larger diameter services including diversion work to reroute pipe work. Additional Mains Fittings for new service connections to individual supply pipes

The process of welding similar plastic pipes with the use of fusion equipment and incorporates all repairs and maintenance on MDPE & HDPE pipe work. Benefits include reduced requirements for compression fittings thus reducing the probability of future leaks and extending the lifetime of the pipe system.

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