Renewing or installing a new supply pipe

This follows on from ownership of supply pipe detailed in supply pipe repairs and is the process of renewing or installing a new supply pipe to a property using underground thrust bore equipment to minimalise disruption to the surrounding ground, see mole.

This includes services up to 1″ in diameter and provides a real economic alternative to traditional methods.

Detailed are some situations where a new supply pipe may be required:

Where leaks are not visible it is sometimes difficult and expensive to pinpoint the exact location of that leak due to the ground type and the amount of water being wasted i.e. a leak in chalk will follow the strata for some distance providing misleading results.

In these cases, it is more environmentally and cost-efficient to renew a section of the supply pipe and eliminate the leak.

This will minimalise disruption and provide a reliable and guaranteed service for the future.

Most properties still have original pipework (more commonly a ½” supply), which with modern requirements (pressurised heating systems and greater demand) isn’t sufficient to supply mains water adequately.

In these cases the supply pipe bore will need to be increased, this is done by renewing the supply pipe from the boundary stopcock into the property increasing the amount of water available (pressure will remain constant).

Alternative size supply pipes range from 25mm, 32mm to 50mm

If a property shares a supply pipe there will be a joint demand for water from this.

This can have an effect on some properties during peak demand where the supply of water will be reduced. This can be resolved by ‘separating’ the shared supply and installing an independent service to feed single properties only.

This is done in conjunction with Local Water Authorities where the new independent supply pipe will need to be connected to their parent water main in the highway (NOTE: There may be an additional charge by the Local water Authority for this work see useful links).

Essential Water Services Ltd offers a service to install a new water supply pipe and liaise with the Local Water Authority for an independent and reliable supply of water.

It can be expensive to separate a shared water supply.

An alternative to this is to jointly contribute with neighboring properties and renew the existing shared supply pipe.

This can be done independently of the Local Water Authority and reduce the costs of a new connection to the parent water main in the highway.

A new external stopcock can be provided for each property and the joint responsibility of the new supply pipe will remain.

Water supplied through old lead pipe work can contain undesirable levels of lead.

Most Water Authorities operate a lead replacement scheme where lead pipe work in the highway will be replaced in conjunction with customers renewing their supply pipes.

Contact your Local water Authority for more details useful link

It is advisable to consider renewing your water supply pipe if you are having a new driveway or installing a new kitchen.

Take aware that nightmare scenario of a burst water pipe under your new drive or kitchen!

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