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For some properties, the problem is caused by sharing a supply pipe from the water main. This can be a problem if the supply is too small, in poor condition (for example, leaking or old), or if properties sharing a supply use water at the same time.

It can also be particularly noticeable at busy times when many properties sharing a supply pipe are placing demands on the water supply. So, a supply that seems fine at some times of the day may not be at other times If you and your neighbour share a supply pipe, you are jointly responsible for it from your property to the boundary stop tap.

The houses in the example below have a shared supply pipe and a joint responsibility for maintaining and repairing it. If you have reduced water pressure and you are on a shared supply pipe, talk to your neighbours to see if they are experiencing the same problem.

If so, you may want to look at installing a separate independent service pipe from your property to the water main or, at a joint cost, renewing / increasing the size of the shared supply pipe. NOTE: The Local Water Authority may make an additional charge for the connection to the water main. 

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TIP: Pipe Size

Flow and pressure in your home will be affected by the length of the supply pipe.

On the longer supply pipes, particularly those with a smaller internal diameter, the pipe may be too small to deliver the flow of water to your property that you want even though the pressure is good at the boundary.

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