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C.A.T (Cable Avoidance Tool) & Genny

Buried services represent a major hazard to all construction workers the world over. Poorly planned excavations can cause cable or pipe damage resulting in costly repairs, delays and personal injury. The cable avoidance tool known as CAT is used to locate these services so that they can be avoided. The CAT can detect signals naturally radiating from metallic services or in conjunction with a Genny that applies a distinctive signal that the CAT can detect. The CAT can be used in 3 modes: Power (P), Radio (R) and Genny (G). The CAT can detect most buried cables and conductors however some cables and conductors (even live ones) do not radiate signals. This applies to plastic pipe work however if used in conjunction with the Flexi-trace these can be located.

Power (P)

In the power (P) mode the CAT can detect 'power' signals that are being radiated by loaded cables. This is used to detect, locate and avoid buried electricity cables.

Radio (R)

In the radio (R) mode the CAT detects VLF radio signals re-radiated by buried metallic pipes and cables. This is used to detect, locate and avoid other buried metallic pipes and cables i.e. gas, phone & communication lines, ducts & water services.

Genny (G)

In the Genny (G) mode the CAT detects a tone radiated by the Genny to a buried conductor. This is used to detect, locate and avoid all services as a direct connection to the source i.e. plug sockets, water valves or gas valves.

The Genny signal transmitter works in conjunction with the CAT (Cable Avoidance Tool). It is used to supply either a direct connection signal mode for optimum locate accuracy or an induced signal mode when direct connection access is not possible. It is ideal for locating pipe and cables from a direct source i.e. plug sockets


This is a quick and convenient way of applying the Genny signal to a pipe or cable, where direct connection or signal clamping is not possible. This mode induces a signal into an underground cable or service for detection from the CAT. It is ideal for tracing if exact location of access points are not known.

Signal clamping

This mode applies a Genny signal safely to a pipe or live cable up to 76mm diameter without interrupting the supply.

Live cable connectors

This is used to apply the transmitter signal to a live cable, the most certain method of locating a power distribution system.

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